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Gem Ammonite

$ 32,000.00

This rare, fine quality Gem Ammonite is one of the best we have seen and is meant for a spectacular collection.  This Ammonite is double sided, both sides have incredible color and luster.  It measures approximately 9 x 8.5 x 3-4''. 

Ammonite is a rare, vividly colored, iridescent fossil found exclusively in southern Alberta, Canada.  It is found in concretions deep in the geological Bearpaw Shale foundation and is formed from the fossils of ancient sea creatures called ammonites.  Compacted compressed fragments of ammonite shell, crushed, and heated, were weathered through aeons of tectonic upheaval and unearthed in mosaic-like patterns as ammolite.  Over 100 million years old! 

You may see a bigger example, but you will NEVER see one of higher quality!

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