Beauty - Authenticity - Value


What gorgeous necklaces and that is ony the drop in the bucket when one goes to Earthfire Gems and sees what Forest has collected over the years. You're a winner, Forest. Everyone has to go and see what you display. WOW,WOW! I'm impressed.....

Sheri Mann de Avila, Santa Fe, New Mexico


WOW! knockout necklaces and that's only a small part of the fabulous array of Jewelry he has, not to mention all the other articles of beauty. this is a place for all to go and see what Earthfire Gems are all about! Good for you, Forest!!!

Sheri Mann de Avila, Santa Fe, New Mexico


It is obviously the owner's passion. He has more beautiful objects than you would imagine exists in this country. I've bought two turquoise pieces there and constantly receive compliments and a "where on earth did you get that?!" The staff (and Tom) are terrific.

Barbara Linick, Sarasota, Florida


Passionate, knowledgeable owner, and a absolutely stunning collection. Many RARE finds!

Sarah Savannah, Santa Fe, New Mexico


I love Earthfire Gems!! Forest, the owner is so knowledgeable and always has a great story to tell!! I never leave empty handed or disappointed!! Can't wait to go back!!

Linda Caputo Vaccaro